First Time Visitor's Guide

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visitor's guide

Whether you're coming for a day or for a stay, you'll find a mountain of ways to have fun!


Area Lodging

area lodging

If you are staying for multiple days and need a place to stay, check out some of our local lodging partners.  You will find a variety of options to suit your budget and needs.  If you stay with one of our local partners, you can receive some great discounts on your lift tickets too!


Step 1:  Before You Head to Belleayre

Step 1 Visitor's Guide

Some basic tips such as how to dress, weather information, fitness level and ways to stay comfortable for a day on the slopes.  If you are a beginner, we have also created a useful Beginner's Guide to help you along the way.


Step 2:  When You Arrive at Belleayre

Step 2 Visitor's GuideGet the lay of the land - When is the best time to arrive, where to park, purchasing tickets, getting to the rental shop, and more.


Step 3:  Getting Around the Mountain

Step 3 Visitor's GuideInsider tips on the best way to navigate the mountain, learn the location of lodges, restrooms, information services and more.