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Complementary Payment Plan Financing

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Take advantage of our new, convenient, and complimentary payment plan!  
It's available for all 2020-2021 passes (excpet for the 6 & Under) purchased on or before the August season pass deadline.

Here's how it works...

1) Pay at least 25% of your 2020/2021 pass price today and break the remaining balance into three equal payments.  Down payments of more than 25% may be made if you wish to lower the amount of your next three installments.  Prefer to buy your pass at a later date?  No problem, our complimentary payment plan is available for 20/21 season pass purchases until August 12 price deadline!

2) After your 25% deposit, we'll keep your credit card of choice on file and it will be automatically charged three more installments of 25%.  If purchasing online, your next 3 payments will occur on the same date as purchased each month following the initial payment.  If paying in person or over the phone, the next 3 payments will occur on the 15th of each month following the initial payment.  For example, on May 5th Susan purchases a SKI3 College season pass for $399 using the new payment plan.  Her down payment was $99.75, and her card on file will be charged for three additional installments of $99.75- on June 15, on July 15, and on August 15.

3) A credit card is required to be on file with an expiration date after your last payment is due.  Should this card decline or be canceled during the financing period, the purchaser is responsible for updating us with valid payment, or will forfeit all previous investment in the season pass.


Your credit card must have an expiration date after your final payment is due. You will be responsible for the full payment of your Season Pass once the down payment is made. Season Pass Perks (e.g. free lesson, tuning discounts) are not available until the final payment is made. All sales are final. No refunds.


Can I use the Payment Plan and ski the remainder of the 20/21 season?

Yes. Your pass will be issued to you after your first payment.

Do I get the same pass benefits if I finance?

Yes!  You will receive all the same season pass perks whether you use the Payment Plan or not.  

Can I use the Payment Plan for other programs besides season passes?

Yes, we will extend the financing to our season long programs as long as you purchase by the August price deadline.