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Do I need a lesson?

Like most other outdoor activities, lessons are not required, but they are a great idea and highly recommended!  Lessons are the key to understanding the fundamentals of skiing and/or snowboarding.  A lot of people will try "self taught" techniques which may ultimately lead to frustration and disappointment, but here at Belleayre Mountain we offer a variety of different lessons and programs that will help you reach your goals!  For more advanced kids programming, try some of the season long programs, weekend workshops, clinics and race camps. We have some great 1 day and 3 day beginner packages too.

When and where do lessons meet?

All lessons will meet at the Discovery Lodge.  We have a variety of lessons available to you - from private lessons to group lessons for all ages.  Visit the Snowsports page for detailed information about lesson times and to choose what lesson is correct for you.  If you are interested in purchasing our Beginner Ski Package or Learn to Snowboard packages, or Junior Lift, Lesson and Rental Package head to the Discovery Rental Center.  You can purchase your lift tickets, rentals, and group lessons in the rental shop at one convenient location.  

Can my friends show me how?

Pros are trained to teach in the most efficient manner so you can start skiing or snowboarding on your own ASAP. Friends and family members that are not professionals should not give you pointers.  Their techniques are not always right and learning the right way the first time is a lot easier than correcting bad habits before you begin to progress.

Can I take a lesson with my family and friends?

Yes, you can.  However, it is strongly recommended that people of the same ability and age take lessons together.  It would not be beneficial to either you as the customer, or the instructor to try to teach different abilities or ages in the same group. Example: an adult and a five year old.  Adults and young children have different needs and learn at different speeds, in different ways. Because of this, there are multiple approaches to teaching and the terminology used is designed to make it easier on each skier or snowboarder.

How many people are in a group lesson?

This depends on a variety of factors, such as midweek vs. weekend, holiday vs. non-holiday, peak vs. non-peak season. There will be more people in a group lesson if you take one during peak times.  It depends on how many people sign up for that particular lesson.  When everyone is signed up, the Snowsports School will then ski everyone off (test their ability) and put them in groups accordingly. They try to keep the groups as small as possible.

Do I need reservations for a lesson?

All group lessons are on a first-come, first-served basis.  For private lessons and some clinics advance reservations are not needed but strongly suggested.

Are lessons expensive?

Not at Belleayre! We offer a variety of packages that suit your needs. Stop off at the snowsports desk in at the Discovery Lodge and they can hook you up with the type of lesson you need. You can choose from 1 day or 3 day lesson packages - including Parallel from the Start.

How long before I am able to ski from the top of the mountain?

Skiing from the top of the mountain varies from person to person and how fast you pick up on the fundamentals. Once you can handle all of the Green trails, the next step would be to try Roaring Brook or Deer Run. This is a good transition between the Green and Blue trails. If you really want to try to make it to the top, try out our Parallel From The Start Program and we will guarantee you will ski from the top of the mountain.