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The Do's and Do Not's

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have fun 

DO ....

Be a considerate skier or snowboarder. 
Stretch your muscles before and after you ski or snowboard.
Set goals for yourself.
Take lessons, you can never learn enough about the sport. Things change every day!
Pack proper clothing.
Get your equipment tuned up before the season starts.
Have Fun.
Dress in layers.

Do Not ...

Hold your ski poles straight out in front, or behind you (they then become spears instead of poles). 
Leap off of trees or rocks into trails. 
Stick your tongue to the chairlift or flagpole.
Stay outside when you get cold.
Take a cafeteria tray and slide down the slopes.
Eat yellow snow.
Ride back down the chairlift.
Don't give up on the sport without taking a lesson and giving it a chance!