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What to Wear

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what to wear 

Dress Appropriately is the best advice we can give you.  Remember that temperatures vary at different times of day and on different locations at the mountain.  You should dress in layers - if you are warm, you can always take off a layer!

Helpful Hint: Wait until after you get your rental equipment and are ready to go outside before you put on your final layers.  If you happen to forget something, our Retail Shop is likely to have what you need.

What do I wear to ski or snowboard?

Winter sports means crazy winter weather - To make your day a more enjoyable one, dress appropriately.  Check the on mountain ski and weather report. before you head up to the mountain for the day.  Dress in layers - If it is warm you can take layers off!  Do not wear cotton or blue jeans as these absorb water causing you to freeze.  Try to find synthetic materials like fleece and polypropylene.  These materials will whisk water and moisture away from your body, keeping you warmer.

Body Wear
Always dress in layers. By wearing layers of clothing air is trapped between layers making your clothes a better blanket of insulation.  It's easier to take off a layer if you are too warm then to try to add more.  Your outermost layer should be both wind and water resistant.

Hand Gear
Wear proper hand protection.  Gloves or mittens are fine, but make sure you have a good waterproof pair.  Do not wear cotton or knit material as they will absorb water causing your hands to get cold.  Always bring an extra pair of gloves and socks so that if they do get wet you have something dry to change into.

90% of your body's heat escapes from your head.  To stay warmer on cold days, always wear a hat and/or helmet. Avoid hats that have long stockings and tails as well as long scarves or dangling clothing as they could be dangerous if they get caught or stuck in the lift.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a good pair of ski socks.  Wear only one pair of socks - do not layer your socks.  To keep your feet the warmest do not drive to the mountain wearing your ski socks - change when you arrive.  Your feet will sweat in the car and your socks will be wet when you arrive.  Bring an extra pair so that you can change if your socks become damp during the day.

Tips for fixing cold feet:
Stomp your feet while waiting in the lift lines - as the blood moves it warms your extremities.
Loosen your boots a little bit.
Wear one good pair of medium weight of socks.
Do not stuff your pants inside of your boots.
Never leave your boots in the trunk of your car or outside where they can get cold and damp.
Put your boots in a boot dryer. If one is not available use the hand dryer in the bathroom.

Other wear 
Some items you may want to purchase are sun glasses on a bright sunny day or ski goggles for snow and blizzard conditions.