Are you looking to reload your 2020/21 Season Pass online to an existing SKI3 Card? We’ve got you covered with this step-by-by guide below to ensure your checkout process is as smooth as a powder day lap!

Of course, if you have any questions in the meantime or encounter any trouble in purchasing your pass, give us a shout, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Also, be sure to read up on our updated policies for 2020/21 Season Passes including our new 100% SKI3 Assurance and Closure Credits.


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How to Reload Your Season Pass

Step 1.

Enter the WTP Number located on the back of your SKI3 Card from last year and select Continue.
Step 1 to reloading your season pass

Step 2.

Select the 2020/21 SEASON PASSES box to load all available passes that you can then choose from to reload onto your card.
Step 2

Step 3.

Choose from the list of available passes which pass type you are looking to reload onto your card and click Buy Now.
Step 3 to reloading your season pass

Step 4.

Select from the pass type options (Belleayre Pass or SKI3 Pass) and add a quantity of 1, then select the Next button.
Step 4 to reloading your season pass

Step 5.

Sign in with your email address and password to review and update your profile for your pass. Follow the bolded instructions if it’s your first time!
Step 5 to reloading your season pass

Step 6.

After updating your guest profile, you must select whether you’d like to use the FREE (no fees) Payment Plan Option or pay in full for your Season Pass.
Step 6 to reloading your season pass

Step 7.

Choose whether you’d like to Reload another card (in case you’re reloading for family members) or Checkout.
Step 7 to reloading your season pass

I Reloaded My SKI3 Card, What’s Next?

After you reload your SKI3 Card with your 2020/21 Season Pass you’ll receive a confirmation email as a receipt of your purchase. You should also receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase with a link to electronically sign the 2020/21 Season Pass Terms & Conditions. Your Season Pass is not valid and will not open the gates at the lifts until you electronically sign this document.

You may also visit to complete this step.
What's Next After You Reload Your SKI3 Card