Uphill Program

Earn your turns at Belleayre Mountain by skinning up the mountain for a midday adventure.  Uphill travel will be permitted during normal operational hours from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday during non-holiday periods.

Uphill travel using skis or splitboards will only be permitted with a current $25 uphill day pass, an alpine area use ticket (lift ticket), or an alpine season pass.  Route of travel will be on the uphill left along the designated routes.  Designated routes will be:

  • From the Discovery Lodge:  Discovery Way, to Ashokan, To Roaring Brook, and across Route 9
  • From the Overlook Lodge:  Lower Roaring Brook, to Roaring Brook, and across Route 9

Belleayre reserves the right to cancel the program at any time.

Please be aware of your surroundings at all times, including alpine downhill traffic and other uphill guests.

Uphill Guidelines

In order to be on the mountain, you will need one of the following:

  1. A valid ticket for the day is required to skin up the mountain:
    • A purchased uphill ticket from the ticket window for $25.
    • A day use ticket (lift ticket) for the mountain, for the date you are skinning up; no additional ticket required.
    • A season pass for the 23-24 season; no additional ticket required.
    • You may upgrade your uphill only ticket to a full mountain area use ticket for $60.
  2. Uphill travel is available Monday through Friday, during normal operational hours from 9am to 4pm. Uphill is NOT available on the weekends or during holiday periods.
  3. Please use the designated routes only. It is your responsibility to know where these designated uphill trails are.
    • From Discovery Lodge:  Discovery Way, to Ashokan, to Roaring Brook, across Route 9.
    • From Overlook Lodge:  Lower Roaring Brook, to Roaring Brook, across route 9.
  4. Note skiers uphill left will be the only route of travel.
  5. Guests must wear brightly colored reflective clothing.
  6. Dress warm as temperatures may change as you gain elevation.
  7. Be aware that snowmaking and grooming may be in progress at any time.
  8. Be aware that snowmobiles & other machinery are routinely used on the mountain and may be driving the same routes.
  9. Unmarked hazards may exist, especially during early and late season.
  10. Be aware of variable snow conditions.
  11. Please stay away from snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles, grooming machines, etc.
  12. Please stop to rest in an area where you are visible to skiers and riders above you and avoid obstructing the trail. Do not stop in trail intersections.
  13. Prior to ascending, travelers must check the “Snow Report” posted on belleayre.com or call for changes that may occur on the designated routes due to maintenance, snowmaking or other events. Trails could be closed at any time.
  14. Snowshoeing is NOT allowed for uphill travel. Snowshoers may purchase a gondola ride ticket and snowshoe Route 9/Ridge Trail, hydrant side of trails only, and may also snowshoe out to the old fire tower, then ride down the gondola back to the base. Snowshoers may use cross country trails as well.
  15. There may be times Up-Hill travel will be closed to all travelers.

I hereby acknowledge my obligation to familiarize myself with and adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the New York State Safety in Skiing Code (Article 18 of the General Obligations Law; Article 26 of the Labor Law, and Part 54 of the NYS Industrial Code at 12 NYCRR). I commit to reading these provisions, which are available at the signage located at the base of the mountain, and to following the instructions and directions of all Olympic Authority employees. Moreover, I shall comply with the daily uphill skiing instructions, as well as all other rules and regulations that are applicable to my activities while on the premises.

Uphill Map

Belleayre Uphill Trailmap 22-23


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