Ticket Pricing

Advanced purchase online is required for all lift tickets, lessons, and rentals.  The availability of tickets, lessons, or rentals for purchase at the mountain is not guaranteed, and you may not be able to ski without a pre-purchased ticket.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Belleayre!

Nothing says winter like planning your next great mountain adventure. Lift tickets for our 2021/22 season are now on sale. Like you, we are eager to be outside to ski and ride in the fresh mountain air! If the dates you desire are not currently available, be sure to check back! Based on our evaluation, we may add more tickets to our inventory.

Reasons to buy online:

  • Walk up ticket sales will NOT be available during holiday periods.
  • Walk up tickets are not guaranteed and may be available in limited quantities at the discretion of management.
  • Buy your ticket(s) online in advance for the best available pricing!

Already have a SKI3 card? Reload it online and head directly to the lift. If you do not have an existing SKI3 Card, bring your e-ticket barcode to one of our contactless Ticket Pick-Up Boxes to receive your lift ticket loaded onto a new SKI3 Card which you can reload online for future visits!

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Lift Tickets are not transferable, and your SKI3 Card is associated exclusively with your guest profile.

Daily Ticket Pricing

1 Day
Window Rate

Frequent Skier
Ticket Reload*


Ages 20-64


$48 / $72

Starting at

Ages 13-19


$35 / $53

Starting at

Ages 7-12


$28 / $42

Starting at

6 & Under
Ages 0 - 6



Starting at

Ages 65-69


$35/ $53

Starting at

70 & Up
Ages 70 and Up


$15 / $23

Starting at

*Frequent Skier Card Price column is for SKI3 Frequent Skier Cardholders only. The first rate indicated is for Monday-Friday, non-peak. The second rate is for Saturday, Sunday, and during peak periods. 2021-2022 Frequent Skier Peak Days are: December 25, 2021 - January 1, 2022; January 15-17, 2022; and February 19-27, 2022. Weekend rates will be in effect.

Multi-Day tickets are available and must be used consecutively. Be sure to check your dates before making your purchase. | Rates & Dates are subject to change at any time.


Military Discount

Get verified and start saving!

Military members can save 50% OFF Monday-Friday, non-peak day lift tickets and 25% OFF Saturday, Sunday and peak day lift tickets!  Discounts are applied to full-priced lift tickets and offered to the following military groups:

  • All Active US* Military and their dependents – including Army, Navy Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard
  • US Military Veterans
  • Members of the US Reserves & National Guard
  • Active Canadian Military
All of our military discounts will be verified by GovX.  GovX ID instantly verifies your military status online and you will not have to upload any documents.   Once verified, you can purchase tickets and pick them up at any of our Pick Up Boxes.
Already have your Military SKI3 card?  Reload it online and head directly to the lift.

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Reload Military SKI3 Card

SKI3 Card

SKI3 Card Front

All lift access (tickets, season passes, frequent skier cards) is now applied to new SKI3 Cards, which you’ll keep tucked away securely in your jacket. No more worrying about losing your ticket or pass on the mountain or having to present it to the attendants before your rides. Our new SKI3 cards can be renewed online for several years so hang onto yours! It will always allow you to renew your passes and tickets online, therefore allowing you to go directly from your car to the slopes.

What is a SKI3 card? How can I get a SKI3 Card?
A SKI3 Card is the name of our RFID enabled lift ticket. The cards can be reloaded with e-tickets throughout the season for Belleayre, Gore, and Whiteface.  If you do not have a SKI3 Card, simply purchase your first lift ticket online, bring the bar code to the mountain for redemption at one of our ticket boxes, and you will receive your SKI3 Card with your ticket loaded onto it.

How To Use Your RFID Card

  1. Your Season Pass, Frequent Skier Card or Lift Ticket will be encrypted onto a SKI3 Card with an RFID chip inside.  Everyone’s card looks very similar.
  2. Place your SKI3 Card in a jacket pocket by itself, between shoulder and waist height.
  3. The access gates at the lifts will read your SKI3 Card and open automatically if valid for that day.
  4. Skip the ticket window and go directly from your car to the lifts, without having to present your SKI3 Card to attendants.
  5. Reload your SKI3 Card online and use it for several years! This reduces waste and adds convenience for you.

Tips for your RFID Card:

  • Make sure you are carrying only one SKI3 Card at a time.
  • Your photo won’t be printed on your SKI3 Card, but it will be held in the system. When your SKI3 Card is scanned at the gate, your photo will be displayed and screened by the attendant.
  • Only carry your SKI3 Card. Do not carry cards of family members, friends, etc. when you go through the access gate. (You can write your name on each card if you like.)
  • Please place your SKI3 Cards in a pocket by itself. Do not place cell phones, keys, credit cards, other RFID Cards, or foil in the same pocket as your SKI3 Card.
  • Do not punch holes in your SKI3 Card. Punching a hole could cause damage to the SKI3 antenna.
  • It is important to retain your SKI3 for reloading and future use. We will issue one SKI3 Card per customer at no charge until Closing Day, Spring 2020. A replacement fee will apply to lost cards, and an issuance fee will be charged for new cards starting with the 2020/21 season.


Q: Why RFID Technology?
Answer: There are many benefits to RFID technology. First and foremost, it gives you hands-free access to our lifts. Don’t worry about losing your pass or ticket on the mountain, because your SKI3 Card stays tucked away safely in your jacket. Also, you can reload your lift products online, eliminating any stopping at the ticket window. Lastly, RFID eliminates waste from throwing away day tickets or expired passes.  Your SKI3 Card will last several years, so don’t discard it.

Q: What is a SKI3 Card?
Answer: Your SKI3 Card replaces your traditional lift ticket or season pass⁠—it has a small RFID chip integrated into the card.  When you pass through the lift gates, the chip will register and open the lift access gate automatically. All guests loading the lift will need their own SKI3 Card.

Q: Where Should I Carry My RFID Direct-to-lift Card/pass?
Answer:  It is recommended that you should keep it in a jacket pocket, between waist and shoulder level. This will help the gates’ antenna pick up your signal clearly and allow for a smooth loading process. You do not need to remove the access card from your pocket for scanning. Many jackets have a small pocket in an arm sleeve or around the waistline specifically designed for RFID cards. It is important not to have more than one SKI3 Card, as they will all be scanned when you go through the gate and validated for that day. Please carry your card in a pocket by itself, as other objects can interfere with signal transmission, delaying your entry through the gates.

Proper Usage Of Your RFID Direct-to-lift Card

Q: Are Passes And RFID Direct-to-lift Cards Transferable?
Answer: No, as always, passes and tickets are not transferable. The lift attendants will see your picture (for passholders) as you pass through the gates.

Q: What Is A Reload Number?
Answer: This number, on the back of your RFID Card, is associated with each unique guest profile and will allow you to purchase lift access online in advance of your visit and go direct-to-lift without stopping at a ticket window. No personal information is stored on individual RFID cards.

Q: Can I Punch A Hole In My RFID / RFID Direct-to-lift Card?
Answer: No. Holes or other physical alterations should not be made to RFID cards, as damage to the RFID antenna or connections in the card could occur. If your RFID Card is damaged because of a hole punch, a replacement fee will be charged.

Will RFID Interfere With Other Electronics?

Q: Can A Magnet Destroy An RFID Card?
Answer: No. The chip information is not stored magnetically. The use of a magnet or other erasing devices has no effect whatsoever on the chip.

Q: What About Pacemakers?
Answer: The lift access system is CE certified and complies with all standards. Individuals with such medical devices should be familiar with any precautions recommended for use with devices generating electromagnetic waves. The general recommendations for using electromagnetic units should be observed: Guests with pacemakers should not wear their lift access media cards near the heart when passing through the gate and a distance of 8 to 12 inches should be observed in the case of queues and while passing through the gate.

Q: What Happens If You Accidentally Wash Clothing Or Place It In A Dryer With Your RFID Pass / Direct-to-lift Card Inside
Answer: We do not recommend washing or drying a garment with the RFID Pass/Direct-to-Lift Card in it.  The heat and moisture used in washers and dryers could ruin your card.  We recommend removing your card from your garments before you wash them.

Privacy And Data Collection

Q: Can RFID Be Used To Access My Personal Information?
Answer: Each unique RFID card contains a multiple digit number randomly associated with a user profile. This profile is kept as a secure component of our point of sale system and user database. In accordance with privacy laws, your personal information is not shared with any third parties without your consent.

Q: What Information Is Stored On Pass / RFID Direct-to-lift Card RFID Cards?
Answer: Each RFID card physically contains only the randomly generated number associated with each unique user profile. No personal or additional information is stored on individual RFID cards.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Are There Any Environmental Concerns Associated With RFID?
Answer: No. Using RFID technology allows us to replace paper lift tickets and disposable tickets with durable, re-usable cards.

Q: Did ORDA Eliminate Liftie Jobs By Installing The RFID System?
Answer: No, we simply replaced the hand-held scanner with RFID gates. We will have a staff of Gate Attendants to provide guest service at the gates, similar to the employees who scanned in previous years. Staffing levels will remain the same.

Q: I’ve Seen Scanning At Other Resorts, Is RFID Better?
Answer: RFID and bar code scanning achieve the same goals through different means. Bar codes require a line of sight so that each ticket or pass can be read by a hand scanner. RFID cards are read by an antenna on our RFID lift access gates. This means you can keep your card in your pocket and do not have to show your pass/card each time you load the lift. No fumbling with gloves, zippers and lanyards to present your lift ticket or season pass prior to loading a lift.

Q: Are There Any Other Concerns Associated With RFID?
Answer: ORDA is employing Passive RFID technology which does not radiate any RF energy, but simply reflects it. As a result, the passive RFID cards used at ORDA do not contribute any additional RF energy into the surrounding environment.

Q: Can My Direct-to-lift Card / Pass And Its RFID Technology Be Read By Drones Or From Satellites?
Answer: No. The maximum reading distance is about 30 inches.

Q: Are There Any Health Risks Associated With RFID And Radio Waves?
Answer: RFID uses the low-end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The waves coming from readers are no more dangerous than the waves being received by your car radio.

Q: What If I Lose Or Damage My RFID Direct-to-lift Card/pass?
Answer: Please report any lost or stolen cards to Guest Services. In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged RFID Card, guests will need to purchase a new RFID Card, and the lost card will be deactivated and will no longer work at the lift gates.

Q: How Do I Reload Additional Days Onto My Direct-to-lift Card?
Answer: Loading additional days is simple. Just visit our Online Store, log in to the account associated with your Direct-to-Lift Card (or create a new account), and purchase. The new days will automatically be uploaded to your card and you may proceed directly to the lift.

Q: You Took My Photo, But It Doesn’t Appear On My Pass.
Answer: While we require a photo on file for all season pass purchasers, you won’t see your photo on your Direct-to-Lift Card as you would have for past season passes. Instead, we use your photo at our RFID gates located at our base area lifts, to validate that you’re using your actual pass.

E-Ticket Pick-Up Boxes

Bring your e-ticket barcode to one of our contactless Ticket Pick-Up Boxes. You’ll receive your lift ticket loaded onto a new SKI3 Card which you can reload online for future visits! You must scan your ticket voucher (either printed or on your mobile device) to redeem your lift ticket loaded on a SKI3 Card. For your convenience, your mobile device screen can be scanned for redemption, so printing is not required. We do recommend you take a screenshot of your ticket voucher (including barcodes) in case you encounter poor cell service at the mountain.

Ticket Pick-Up Box Locations:
There are four Pick-Up Box locations.

    • Next to the ticket booth at the Discovery Lodge
    • Outside of the entrance to the Rental shop
    • Overlook Lodge ticket booth at the first two ticketing windows
    • In Parking Lot F next to Lift #8

Did you already reload your SKI3 Card online? Bypass the lines and head directly to the lift.

Snow Guarantee

We strive to present an exceptional experience and snow conditions at all times, but there may be days where uncontrollable factors come into play. We also know life is uncertain and sometimes things don’t go as planned. Our Snow Guarantee is designed to help give you some peace of mind.

If for any reason you do not want to ski on the day for which you have a pre-purchased ticket, please contact us to cancel your ticket on or before the date is valid.  No credits will be issued for expired tickets.  See the Guest Services desk or reach out via our Customer Service form and we will apply the amount paid for your ticket to a Snow Guarantee Card. This card is valid towards any ticket, lesson, rentals, and summer activities (gondola rides & Belleayre Beach entrance fee and boat rentals) purchase for one year.

If you are visiting us at the mountain and the conditions do not meet your expectations, you have 1 hour from the time your ticket was first scanned to make a request at Guest Services for a Snow Guarantee.

Please see our product policies for additional information.

Early and Late Season Operations

Opening day is TBD as the date will be determined on weather, conditions and snowmaking. If you plan on visiting early season or late season, please check the snow report for special deals, rates and dates. The closing date will be determined by several factors including, but not limited to: weather, trail conditions, terrain open and skier traffic.