Please Note:  Hiking and snowshoeing are only allowed on our cross-country trails during the winter months.  Hiking is not allowed on any of our Alpine Ski Trails. 

Start your next adventure at Belleayre Mountain! You will find something for everyone from challenging uphill climbs to the summit, to family-friendly strolls in our cross country area.  Enjoy picturesque mountain views and experience nature at its best. Coming soon – learn about the area through our new interpretive signage that will be installed in the upcoming weeks.  Hikers can also access additional Catskill region hiking trails from the Belleayre Beach and Belleayre Mountain.

Please be aware, hiking trails are not regularly monitored or checked at the end of each day.

Browse our trail descriptions below, to find the best match for you and plan your trip.  Skip the hike up the mountain and get whisked straight to the summit by riding in our gondola, the Catskill Thunder.


Easier Trails

Woodchuck Way: Starting from our cross-country area parking lot nearest rt 28, wander along this just-over a half-mile trail. Woodchuck Way is relatively flat and great for beginners and seasoned hikers alike. You will find some of our interpretive signs along this trail. Keep an eye out for them to learn more about the area!

Eagle Alley: This trail meanders between our other trails, a great choice for lengthening your hike. Follow the half-mile path through the forest and discover some history of the previous industry in the Catskills. Eagle Alley is an easier trail and connects to Woodchuck Way, Raccoon Ridge, and Bobcat Blvd. Sections of Eagle Alley are also a bike trail, remember when hiking that bicycles have the right of way!

Bobcat Blvd: This 0.65 mile easier trail is measured as a loop. You can start Bobcat Blvd from the Discovery Lodge or join it after hiking Eagle Alley. This trail will take you down, and up a mildly sloped area of our cross-country area. You’ll cross a stream and traipse through the trees while enjoying the peaceful scenery. This trail is not flat but earned its easier rating due to its short length and small elevation gain.

Ridge Trail: Take the leisurely half-mile walk across Belleayre’s Ridge Trail from end to end to maximize your summit views. This trail is accessed by the Catskill Thunder Gondola, Roaring Brook, or Deer Run trails. The Ridge Trail is relatively flat, with a few gentle ups and downs as well as interpretive signage describing the area and its history. Be sure to visit the Sunset Lodge and look out from the deck and see Rider Hollow and the Big Indian Wilderness behind Belleayre.

Walking on the start of the Cathedral Brook trail


More Difficult Trails

Porcupine Path: Don’t let the name fool you, this 1.5 mile loop is far from prickly! Access Porcupine Path from the Discovery Lodge or by taking Raccoon Ridge or Eagle Alley from our XC parking. You’ll quickly find yourself immersed in hemlocks, surrounded by old stone walls, and crossing a babbling mountain brook on a log bridge. Keep an eye out for some views out into the Cathedral Glen valley as you gradually make your way up to the turn of the loop. If you’re feeling less adventurous, feel free to turn around and head back the way you came. Follow the loop around for a narrower hiking trail twisting among the trees before returning to the path you came in on. Find out why we consider this one of the most scenic trails in our lower area!

Raccoon Ridge: Start this 0.85 mile trail from the Discovery Lodge, or after Woodchuck Way from the XC parking. Descend down on either end of the trail, wandering through old-growth forests of hardwoods and hemlocks. In the middle, you’ll have to opportunity to head down to the Glen Pond, one of our snow-making water sources. This is the perfect place to have a picnic, or just a quick rest listening to the water rush by. On the lower half of the trail, expect to find fun stream crossings in the form of small footbridges and stepping stones! Keep your eye out for moss, ferns, and old stone walls from when the area was used as a sawmill and farm. Raccoon Ridge is rated more difficult, expect some gradual uphill ascents and narrow sections of trail.

Discovery Way: Hike up this 0.85 mile ski trail to start your journey from the Discovery Lodge up to the summit of Belleayre! Discovery Way is has a consistent gentle uphill slope, it is wider than a typical hiking trail. Once you are at the top of Discovery Way, you will be at the Overlook Lodge. From here, continue up Roaring Brook, the left-most trail to reach the summit.

Roaring Brook: Roaring Brook is a crowd favorite. This more difficult one-mile-long trail takes you around the Eastern side of Belleayre, from the Overlook Lodge to the summit. Take in the views behind you as you climb its moderate uphill grade. The trail will take you up towards the East and bend to the West for the final 500 meters, flattening out to meet the Ridge Trail. From the top, walk across the easier Ridge Trail for the most variety of views!

The view from the summit of Belleayre

Most Difficult Trails

Deer Run: This 2-mile trail starts at the Discovery Lodge and leads you right to the summit! Feel free to pair this trail with our scenic gondola ride and hike one of our favorite skiing trails one-way. Remember to turn around and take in the views as you work your way up the mountain, crossing our skier bridge as you go. Keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife! This trail is rated most difficult due to its length and the elevation gain when hiking uphill compared to our easier trails.

Hiking at Belleayre