2021/22 Improvements

Over the past few years, Belleayre has been working hard to update the aging snowmaking infrastructure at the facility; a multi-phase project.

Snowmaking Improvements:

New Pumphouse:  A brand new state-of-the-art pumphouse which will be the home of all of our electric compressors and 4 pumps was completed in early November.  One additional electric compressor was added to the fleet.

Snowmaking Pipe: The addition of 13,000 ft of new snowmaking pipe across the mountain this summer with 12” feeds installed from the new pumphouse to the top of Dot Nebel, across the summit from the Gondola to Roaring Brook, and up Belleayre Run will be completed for the upcoming season.  The new pipe will allow the mountain to pump water up the mountain using two main lines and will down feed to the individual trail lines increasing efficiency and allowing the mountain to utilize more out on the hill.

Snow Guns: We will be replacing the old fleet of high-energy snowmaking guns with 235 HKD Impulse R5 tower guns.   These HKD guns are top of the line and will allow the snowmaking team to make snow with minimal air consumption which better utilizes our water pumping capabilities.

Other Improvements:

Overlook Lodge Renovations:  The uphill wing of the Overlook Lodge was damaged last season from a snow slide.  Belleayre staff is replacing the outside wall and windows.

PistenBully Groomer:  A brand new PistenBully 400 W was delivered to the mountain at the beginning of November.  This snowcat is a real workhorse offering the latest in winchcat technology, allowing for controlled movement of the snow.

Retail Shop:  The retail shop in the Discovery Lodge was moved from the lower level to the main floor.  The new location is now in a more visible location.

Roadwork: When you visit us at Belleayre this year, you will notice new roadwork that was completed. The access road to the Overlook Lodge and the entrance road to the Discovery Lodge have been resurfaced for a much smoother ride to the mountain.

Heated Patio & Bar: The second phase of the heated patio deck at the Discovery Lodge has also been completed. The heating elements and concrete were installed late last season and the boiler was connected to the elements this season. The heated patio deck will prevent snow accumulation without having to use chemicals. Guests will be able to comfortably use the patio all winter, enjoy the outdoor bbq & bar and delight in the view in the fresh mountain air!  Also added to the patio were 4 outdoor firepits.

Disc Golf: Added this summer, friesbee-like fun for you, your friends, and the family for all ages and athletic ranges. Our 18 hole disc golf course utilizes 9 holes on the lower mountain around the Discovery Lodge and 9 holes across the ridge between the Gondola unloading area to the Sunset Lodge.

Past Mountain Improvements

2020-2021 Snowmaking Upgrades – New pumps and a new compressor were added to the snowmaking infrastructure.  The pumps will boost pressure within the system allowing for increased snowmaking capacity and expanded water delivery. An energy efficient compressor is also being added to the system. Replacing old diesel units, the new compressor will help improve coverage.

2020-2021 Phase 2 of the Discovery Lodge renovations – An additional 2,700 square feet of indoor space has been added to the 3rd floor and is available for private group functions as well as daily use for all guests.  The additional indoor area incorporates large windows that overlook the main floor. This allows for natural light and adds to the aesthetics.

2019-2020 Discovery Lodge Modernization & Renovations – The project continues New York’s investment in the Highmount ski area, designed to increase year-round visitation, enhance customer experience and be a catalyst for the tourism industry in the Catskill region. Alleviating long lines and overcrowded spaces, the improvements will increase the seating capacity in the cafeteria and lounge areas and will add restrooms conveniently located at the main level of the lodge. The children’s programmatic space for families will be expanded and modernized. A new patio area will be added along with a new outdoor ticketing area.

2019-2020 Lightning Quad Lift – The Lightning Quad replaced the former double Lifts #1 and #2 in the beginner area. This state of the art lift has a conveyor entrance. The loading gates and the conveyor are timed with the chair interval to make for an easier loading process and allowing for the maximum loading capacity.

2018-2019 Bigger & Better Terrain Parks – Area 51 and Area 15 will be getting some TLC this winter. That’s right, the terrain parks will be getting some new jumps, ramps, boxes, rails, pipes, and other features for you to explore. The new features will surely keep you jibbing and jumping throughout the season.

2018-2019 Snowmaking – The snowmaking team is just as busy during the warmer months as they are when they are out making snow. They are hard at work adding to our existing snowmaking capabilities with the addition of 50 low energy tower snowguns to the fleet and 4 new 1500 cfm compressors. These new additions will help with snowmaking efficiency, which means we will be able to make more snow with fewer resources.

2018-2019 Kidscamp Area – The trail maintenance crews are making the Kidscamp Learning Area bigger & better. Trees have been removed between Lifts #1 & 2 and the kidscamp park, the magic carpet will be replaced with a longer 220′ magic carpet, and the entrance to the area will be regraded making it easier to access the available terrain. The newly expanded area will be more efficient for teaching and fun on the snow for all those who participate!

2018-2019 Medical Building – A new state of the art ski patrol building will be constructed in the lower area next to the Teepee Flats teaching area. The main floor will include a trauma room, waiting area with a nurse’s station, and additional bed space for patients. The building will also contain a locker room and storage for much-needed supplies.

2018-2019 Overlook Lodge Deck/Locker Room – Ongoing Overlook Lodge renovations are continuing. The deck will be replaced for our guests to enjoy during the winter and can be used for weddings & special events during the summer & fall months. The locker room will also be expanded allowing for extra storage and season-long rentals.

2018-2019 NYSEF Extends Programming to Belleayre – The New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) is excited to announce its growing partnership with the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) by offering competitive alpine and freeride programming at Belleayre.

2018-2019 Aqua Trikes at the Belleayre Beach – Fun at the Belleayre Beach has just gotten more enjoyable with the addition of two NEW Aqua Trikes! Anyone in the family can just hop on a trike and pedal out into the water for a unique experience at the lake. The trikes are a great addition to the facility and a big hit with everyone, especially with the kiddos. The Beach is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

2017-2018 Catskill Thunder Gondola – “Catskill Thunder” will be comprised of 60 cabins that will transport up to 8 adult guests per cabin at a maximum speed of 1000 feet per minute. Patrons will be able to load the lift just above the Discovery Lodge and ride it to the peak of the mountain just towards the east side of the Tomahawk Lift. This project is slated to be completed by December of 2017. It will also allow for future cross-country skiing across the summit, year-round scenic rides, lift-serviced mountain biking, and wedding and party rentals at the summit.

2015-2016 Dreamcatcher Glade – The addition of the Dreamcatcher Glade was a huge hit with skiers and snowboarders. We are going to continue our efforts in widening and clearing out the glade this summer. The Dreamcatcher glade was added to the west side of the mountain, right off of the Deer Run trail. The trail was cleared out and in early November and was opened to the public on February 11, 2015. This new trail was a great addition to the mountain and showcased the variety of terrain that Belleayre has to offer.

Catskill Thunder Fun Facts

  • Number of man-hours to install gondola: Over 5,500
  • Total number of cabins: 60
  • Spliced length of cabling: 13067.09 ft
  • Top speed: 1,000 ft per minute
  • Uphill capacity: 2,000 people per hour
  • Number of tons of concrete pour for both top & bottom terminals: 200 tons each/400 tons total
  • Number of towers installed: 16
  • Tallest tower: 58 ft
  • Date construction began: July 1, 2017.
  • Bull wheel size: Drive (bottom) 15.75 ft and the Return (top) 17.06 ft.
  • Motor size: 600hp electric primary, a 600hp diesel auxiliary & a 130hp tertiary diesel engine