2023/24 Winter Season

We had a great season last year and are looking forward to another safe and healthy season for our guests and staff. While some things have changed, we remain committed to maintaining certain health measures to help our guests and employees stay healthy and safe.

Guidelines & Information


While mask mandates have been lifted, face coverings are recommended and as a precaution to protect and prevent contagious disease spread. Please stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms.


We will discard any face masks, hand coverings (gloves, mittens, etc.), and any items other than hard goods.


Tables inside the lodges can be occupied by those who have purchased food and beverage. Thank you for making room for others.

Crock pots, cooking devices, and coolers are not allowed. Food cannot be stored at tables, locker rooms, or other public spaces. If you are bringing your own food, it should fit into a personal pack and not be left in the lodge. At high-capacity time periods please be respectful of fellow skiers and boarders and limit your time at tables.

Please try to avoid the busier lunch hour of approximately 12 noon. Most menu items and daily specials are available during off-peak hours (before 11:30 am or after 1 pm).


At the Olympic Authority, we adhere to the same health and safety protocols as we expect of our guests. We operate with an increased frequency of cleaning procedures and a deep clean at night, and maintain hand sanitizer stations throughout our venues for guests and employees.

Our venues follow state and local guidelines, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding if guidelines evolve.  Your safety, our safety and the safety of our community is a priority for us. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to a healthy and safe season.